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At Oldham Bethel Church, we believe real and genuine community is vital to the life of the church. If church is about what we do throughout the week – not just where we go on a Sunday morning – it is essential we spend time with one another learning from God’s word, understanding and praying for the needs of one another and finding ways to share the gospel with those around us. We believe Community Groups are an excellent and effective way to do all these things.

Each of our groups have both an inward and outward focus. Inwardly, we spend time getting to know one another better and helping each other with practical and spiritual needs. Outwardly, each group has a specific mission focus and seeks to find ways to share the gospel sensitively with those they are trying to reach.

Our groups try to build community by sharing our lives, praying for (and with) one another, studying God’s word as a group, caring for each other and eating together.


Royton lies to the North West of Oldham town centre. The group meets every Thursday at 7pm to eat, pray and read the Bible together. The group run our monthly Muslim-Christian dialogue events, aimed at reaching out to Muslim people in Oldham. They also oversee our regular open air outreach in Oldham town centre.

Garden Suburb

Garden Suburb lies to the south of Oldham. The group meets every Tuesday evening at 7pm to eat, pray and read the Bible together. The group are currently involved in a regular litter pick around the church building as a means of engaging local people in the Glodwick area.

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