Vision & Values

Our vision

Our vision statement reflects who we are as a church and what we aspire to do:

We are a local church of disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ by allowing God’s Word to do God’s work by God’s Spirit that aims to plant, support and partner with local churches in the making and training of disciples throughout the UK and across the world.

Our values

Our values are important to us as they help us choose what to do and shape how we do it.

Gospel Driven

The gospel is the message of salvation that comes by faith in Jesus Christ and sits at the very heart of Christian life. The gospel drives everything we do and shapes the way we do it.

Bible Focused

We believe that we come to know Jesus, his gospel and all its implications as we read about him in the Bible. Everything that we believe and do is rooted in God’s Word.


We stand in the reformed tradition and delight in the doctrines of grace. We trust in the sovereignty of God, believe in the authority of the scriptures and expect God to work in our community – and further afield – through the preaching of the gospel.

Church Centred

We believe the local church is God’s mission plan for the world. It is his means of making, growing and preserving his disciples. We believe gospel work should be church-based, missionaries church-sent and disciples church-grown. We value local churches and those ministries that exist to support and supplement local churches in their God-given mission.

Culturally Openhearted

We aim to be much more than racially varied but truly culturally diverse. We want to reflect the gospel through our multi-ethnic and multi-class makeup, allowing our cultural diversity to affect how we do church together as a people who are one in Christ Jesus.


We believe God ordained the independence of the local church but we see the vital importance of local churches partnering together to further God’s Kingdom. Through our partnerships we will equip and resource others, and be equipped and resourced by them, in the work of disciple-making.

For a more detailed explanation of what we believe visit our What we believe page

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