We want to be a church of disciples, who make disciples of Jesus Christ, by allowing God’s Word to do God’s work by God’s Spirit

Three principles and convictions flow from this vision:

The ministers of the church are all its members.

Every member of the church is called to be a disciple who makes disciples. This means all members of the church are growing people involved in the work of growing people. Each one of us is called to the work of ministry.

The ministry of the church is based on scripture.

As disciples of Jesus Christ we are guided by his Word alone. All the ministries of the church must be Christ-centred and, by extension, Word-centred. God’s Word cannot do God’s work unless the ministry is Word-centred.

The ministers and ministry depend upon God.

It is God’s Word that dictates the work of the church. The same Word that was written by inspiration of the Holy Spirit requires that same Spirit to apply it to the hearts of all the members as well as those we are seeking to reach with the gospel. Unless God’s Spirit applies God’s Word the work is vain.

This means, as ministers of the church, we are called to be:


Our role as ministers is to obey the call of Jesus Christ to go into all the world and make disciples. We are called to share the gospel with those who don’t yet know Christ as well as nurture and grow those who have already come to faith. Our call is not to outward success but faithful obedience. Whenever we are faithfully obedient to God that is a product of the Spirit at work in and through us.


We cannot effect change in the hearts of unbelievers nor God’s people. Fruit on mission and growth in God’s people rests upon the work of the Spirit alone. We are, therefore, dependent upon the Spirit in the work of ministry. The means of showing our reliance upon God is through our prayers.


We must know the Word for it to change us. For the Spirit to apply the Word to our hearts, we must be readers and hearers of it. The Spirit will not work in us if we are not responsive to his Word. We must be humble learners, prepared to continually learn and change as the Word directs our hearts.

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