Monthly Family Service

First Sunday of every month


At Oldham Bethel Church we love to welcome people of all ages and we are particularly pleased to welcome children and families. We also want all people to come to know and love the Lord Jesus and to engage with his word. To try and do all these things, each month we hold a family service.

At the family service, rather than sending the children out to Sunday School, we run a programme specifically aimed at including children and families. The service includes a prayer time, which teaches the children a simple truth about prayer, a memory verse (linked to the sermon), a gospel-centred children’s story, a quiz based on the different elements of the service, and a gospel-focused sermon (the children are given quiz questions to help them engage with the message and are able to sit with an adult who will help them). Further to all of this, the service is choc-a-bloc full of children’s songs and choruses.

These services aim to be fun and engaging for all whilst seeking to be sensitive and inclusive of children and families. They also provide a regular opportunity for people to come and hear the central message of the Christian faith – the good news of the gospel – taught from the Bible. Though much of the service is conducted with children in mind, and we hope families feel the services are a good opportunity to engage with the church, there really is something for everyone.

Following our family service, we stay and have a family meal together. We would be delighted if you would stay and eat lunch with us. Everybody is welcome to join us. Please don’t feel obliged to bring any food, we would simply be glad to share some time and food with you.

Come and join us and celebrate the light hours ago