Open Air

4th Saturday of Every Month


As a church, we long for all people – regardless of race, culture and background – to come to know who Jesus really is and what he came to do. We truly believe the message of the gospel – the “good news” of salvation in Jesus Christ – is the very best anyone could ever hear.

Of course, that is an easy claim to make. What would it say about our belief if we never told anyone about it? It would be equally silly if the only way we tried to share this good news was within the privacy of our own building speaking to our own members who already know about it.

Because we really do believe the gospel, and we absolutely agree that real belief should be backed up by real actions, each month we go into Oldham town centre to share this message of life and hope with all people. We simply want to go to where people are, share what Jesus has done for us and explain what he can do for them too.

If you see us out in town, why not introduce yourself and come and say hello? If you have questions – whether about God, Jesus, the Christian faith, the church or anything else – feel free to come and ask us. We won’t be offended by your questions and are not interested in preaching at people. We simply want to share what we believe, hear what you believe and reason together. Above all, we want you to know the truth about Jesus Christ.

Come and join us and celebrate the light hours ago