English Classes



If English is not your first language and you want to improve your English speaking, reading and writing skills our English Classes are the place for you.

You may have tried getting onto a college course and been unable to meet the language requirements. Perhaps you are seeking asylum and feel your case would be helped by improving your English. Maybe you simply wish to speak English more fluently. Whatever the reason, our classes are open to anyone who wants to improve their English speaking and listening skills as well as  enhance their reading and writing abilities.

We have no minimum language requirement and cater for a range of abilities. We run two classes simultaneously: one for those seeking to improve existing English language skills; another for those who have more basic needs. For those with more fundamental requirements, we offer lessons in phonetics and letter recognition. For those with more advanced language skills, we offer role-play exercises and interactive lessons to practise speaking and listening in real-life scenarios. All lessons are delivered by warm and friendly staff who are keen to help you learn.

Classes run every Tuesday from 10am-1pm at Oldham Bethel Church. We usually have a half hour break during the class for tea and coffee in order to get to know one another better. This means you learn English in a classroom setting as well as having the opportunity to put your speaking skills into practice by talking with native English-speakers.

You can remain in our classes for as long as you feel it is helpful to your progress. Some of our students remain with us a long time while others join us more briefly before enrolling onto higher level college courses. However long you plan to learn with us, you are welcome.

Although we trust our course will help improve your language skills, we would be especially pleased if your studies led to real and lasting friendships with us.

For directions of how to find us, please visit our Where We Are page.

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