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1st Friday of Every Month


At Bethel, we really want to get to know our Muslim neighbours and get to know them as true friends. Similarly, we want to understand the Muslims roundabout us and want them to know what we believe too. A great way to do this is to have a conversation and ask each other about our deeply held beliefs.

To do this, we hold a monthly Muslim-Christian dialogue evening. This is an opportunity for Christians and Muslims to get together, ask questions and come to know one another better. At each meeting, an imam will present from a Muslim perspective while a Christian leader will outline the biblical view on the same topic. After each presentation, there is a time to dig deeper into what has been discussed where no questions are off-limits. After each meeting we eat together, providing time to continue talking and asking questions in a more relaxed setting.

Unlike many inter-faith groups, the aim of our time together is not simply to find common ground. We do not believe that we make friends by patronising one another, pretending we’re the same or refusing to tell one another the truth. Rather, we are keen to discuss our differences robustly whilst being clear that we can disagree and yet remain friends. We are keen to make the times of discussion as open and frank as possible so that we can fully understand our respective positions and can challenge each other to work towards what is true.

We show that we care for one another by providing hospitality, sharing food with one another and seeking to build genuine relationships with one another as friends. As we grow in our friendships with one another, we find we can be even more open about our respective beliefs.

If you are interested in finding out more about Christianity, you would like to hear about the differences between Islam and Christianity or you would like to investigate the truth claims of either religion, please do join us. You do not have to be Christian or Muslim to come. Anybody is welcome to hear our respective beliefs and ask whatever questions you may have.

Our venue alternates between Oldham Bethel Church and the Khadijah Centre. Both are on Waterloo Street in Glodwick. To find out where our next meeting will be held, you can find venues listed on our diary page.

For more information on Muslim-Christian dialogue and apologetics, visit the Jesus-Islam website by clicking the picture below. Simply choose your language and you will be taken to a website full of articles and videos concerning Muslim-Christian discussion.

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