NWP Ministry Training Course

The North West Partnership offers training which is ideal for anyone wishing to serve their local church. Many churches use this as a resource for their Ministry Trainees, as well as for individuals who would like to be trained, and are not in paid ministry.

There are four strands to the first year course: Biblical Theology, Exposition, Practical Ministry and Hands on Training. The second year course looks at doctrine and an in-depth study of Romans.

There are no prerequisites for the course and it is open to all regardless of educational background. The course is designed for those who have no prior ministry experience but wish to test the waters for future ministry. It also suits those who are interested in knowing their Bible better and want to learn how to handle it rightly, whether for personal study or for use in leading small group Bible studies and the like.

The course is one day per week plus additional reading and writing assignments.

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