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UBM consists of Beach Missions (family-oriented missions), Christian Answer (the open air preaching wing) and International Student Outreach. Each summer, UBM operate about 90 missions around the UK, the Republic of Ireland and continental Europe.

In terms of worker weeks, the equivalent of between 25-30 years of missionary effort is expended on teams each summer. Every year there are many who profess faith in Christ while others still search and remain in contact with team members through UBM’s follow-up support system. Countless conversations about Christ are had with people from all over the world and after every summer c.450 children sign up for the Postal Bible Club.

The people who make up UBM teams are all committed Christians, from different places and church backgrounds, who give their time voluntarily to tell people about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

For more information on the work of United Beach Missions, visit the UBM website.

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